Iliolumbar Ligament Pain

The iliolumbar ligaments are among the most important connective tissues in the body. These ligaments keep the lower spine together by anchoring it to stronger bones that provide ample support. Any form of trauma, injury, or defect to these ligaments not only reduces their powerful strength, but can also begin a progressive degeneration that will cause increasing pain and reduced mobility.

Relief from Ligament Pain

Traditional surgical approaches can be used to ease the effects of iliolumbar injuries, but many in the medical community believe that Regenerative Medicine treatments, such as cell-based therapy, provide the best opportunity for relief from iliolumbar ligament trauma. The National Institute of Regenerative Medicine has been at the forefront of research and development of cell-based and platelet rich plasma therapies, which are minimally invasive and highly effective treatments.

Cell-Based Treatment Options

Innovations in the field of cell therapy and regenerative treatments with platelet rich plasma are giving patients greater options beyond surgery to treat iliolumbar ligament trauma. Since these therapies are designed to regenerate the ligament rather than just addressing the pain, they are effective not just in healing the current injury but also in preventing further degeneration.

Please note that while the above conditions represent most of those that can be treated using either PRP injections or PRP injection in conjunction with cell injections, the specific method of treatment will be based on a patient’s age and health at the time of treatment, the severity of your condition and other factors. Learn if you are eligible for cell-based therapy.