Chronic Achilles Tendinosis

Inflammation of the tendons, known as tendonitis, is the most common form of tendon injury. However, most injuries are not caused by inflammation alone, but rather by the degeneration of tendon tissue due frequent and intense overuse. The most common affliction of the Achilles tendon is chronic Achilles tendinosis, which is directly related to overuse and is most often found in adults over age 50 who live physically active lifestyles.


Symptoms of Achilles tendinosis include bumps or nodules that can be felt under the skin as well as increasing Achilles tendon pain when weight is applied to the area. Since these symptoms generally begin as a response to increased activity, most treatment approaches include rest, stretching, ice therapy, and over-the-counter pain relief medications. When these treatments fail to provide relief, many orthopedic specialists will recommend surgery.

Cell-Based Therapy – A Non-surgical Solution for Achilles Tendinosis

Unfortunately, only about 80 percent of patients who undergo extensive surgical treatments for chronic Achilles tendon pain will actually experience a full recovery. This also requires lengthy rehabilitation.


At the National Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Cell-based treatments for acute and chronic Achilles Tendon injuries. PRP treatments are most useful for less serious conditions, while Regenerative Cells come into play when a condition is chronic and more serious.


The cell-based treatment process can involve a physician extracting regenerative cells from the patient’s body and then injecting the cells directly into the affected area. The cells can transform into the type of cell necessary for healing. Cell-based treatment also encourages the damaged cells to begin the healing process. The addition of platelet rich plasma (PRP) can increase the effectiveness of the cell repair work by amplifying the activity of the regenerative cells.


NIRM specializes in PRP and Cell-based therapy for Achilles tendinosis and other orthopedic conditions. Learn if you are a candidate for treatment.